Interested in Podsmart AI for Content Creators?

We are thinking about the different ways we can provide a great and valuable service to content creators.

Some planned features:

  • One-click summarization and content table creation of your media

  • Speaker identification and customization (eg. naming speakers)

  • Editing & cleaning up resulting transcripts & summaries. While our transcriptions are really good, they are not perfect (yet!)

  • Sharing single episodes or entire Collections with your registered audience

  • Special pricing for summarizing prior content (ie. your archive).

  • Hosting on our site or integration in yours via iframe or API to match your brand style

  • Ask questions to an AI trained with your content - for specific episodes, or entire Collections.

  • Automatic translation to most languages

Once you join our Creators mailing list, you will receive a survey to share your needs, vote on features and priorities.

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