Podsmart AI Update - Release notes (August, 2023)

Aug 24, 2023

August 24, 2023

Dear Podsmart AI user,

Thank you for all your support in the past 3 months! Today, we’re delighted to release a major update that brings us closer to our vision for Podsmart AI - enabling you to discover, summarize, enrich audio media. This is our first major feature release since our initial proof of concept, and we feel it lays out the foundations for what is to come.

This update brings you:

My Dashboard:My Dashboard is now the central hub for your Podsmart AI experience. From here you can access:My Feed: latest episodes from the podcasts that you followDiscover: Here you will find suggestions of podcasts to follow based on your interests, so make sure you tell us your preferences by completing the My Interest section. Right now it's a pretty basic recommendation system, but keep an eye on it - it will get smarter with every new product release.My Podcasts: These are the podcasts you follow on Podsmart AI, and where you can enable/disable our new auto-summarization and email.My Library: all your episodes that have been transcribed and summarized, grouped into Collections.Ask My Episodes: ask a question, and select a list of episodes (or all your episodes), and AI will synthesize an answer from the content of these episodes.

Podsmart Digests:Weekly newsletters summarizing the top episodes in AI, Macroeconomics and Science (with more coming soon). Subscribe to receive these digests in your email weekly!Coming soon (for Personal plans and above) - create your own custom Digests! Specify a topic, or list of podcasts - and Podsmart will make the Digest for you.

Collections:Podsmart AI's way to organize your transcribed episodes. Learning about the French revolution? Children psychology? Creating healthy habits? World religions? Taking an Economics class? Make a collection about the topic, and add the transcribed relevant audio media to it so you can always find it with ease. View your collections in My Library tab of My Dashboard.

Transcribe and summarize in one click:Fewer clicks, less waiting. Navigate away and the transcribed and summarized episode appears in the My Episodes tab of My Dashboard when it's done. It makes total sense.

Automatically summarize and receive episodes in your inbox:Go to My Podcasts tab of My Dashboard to turn on the new Auto-Summarize feature for any podcast, and receive a summary of every new episode shortly after the creator releases them.

Get podcast recommendations when you tell us your interests:Indicate the categories you are interested in here, and receive recommended podcasts and episodes from Podsmart! Even if you’re an existing user, get personalized recommendations by going to our Interests page and filling in your interested categories!

Semantic search of Podsmart’s episodes:Enter any concept and AI semantic search will return you the most similar episodes in Podsmart’s library, enabling you to powerfully access knowledge from the 1,200-and-growing episodes in Podsmart’s library.

... and a variety of smaller bug fixes, stability and speed improvements.

What's next?

We are working on making it easier and quicker to transcribe a specific episode or audio recording you are listening to right now, sharing your summaries, and enabling you to create your custom digests. You can also expect our Discovery engine to get better at suggesting content relevant to you, and we want to make Podsmart more mobile friendly. We also have ideas on how to make Podsmart AI more valuable for the content creators among you.

You can expect Podsmart AI to change and evolve as we continue to materialize our vision for it - and we rely on you to tell us about things you really want to see, and those you might dislike. We will make mistakes, break things, and sometimes even get things right.

If you have a moment, what are one or two ways we can improve? Simply head over to our feedback page, or drop us an email at team@podsmartai.com. We are a very small team, passionate about what we do, and we read all the feedback you send us.

Isaac and Andres
Podsmart AI Team